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Love It !!!

After a long day of work or just to relax this is by far the best thing for me to do. No more pens and paper I can easily kickback and unwind on my phone! Really hope you come out with more books I’m almost done 😞!


Nice relaxing game. Easy to do. Use it to get my mind off other things.

Great word search game

Great word search game I like the hunger games book

Fun and Easy

Pretty easy so I like to play it while watching something, or before bed. I like when it’s easy though, saves me frustration and keeps it fun. Of course it’s a little harder when the books use words I’m not all that familiar with, like with the Holiday Ramadan book.

Easy &Fun

The puzzles are fun, but to easy.


I do word searches to help me be in the moment. I love that there is so much variety.


Having a great time with this game. Thank you for all the work you out into it.

Word search

Love these puzzles ..wish there were more of them..Thank You


❤️ it!

Word Search number 1

Awesome app! Need more like this! Truly amazing!

A lot of fun

This game is very fun. In every book there are different subjects on the one you opened. Giving you a lot of times to play. The only thing I wish is that once you complete a book you could open the locked book you would like to have opened

Great App, lots of fun!

This is such a fun app to play, great topics, very versatile. I can spend hours playing this! Everyone should try it!

Search A Word

Great Game!!!


Fun and easy to play

Great Game

Wonderful word search.


This game is so much fun!!! You go at your own pace, and open different books!!! Almost like a game within a game!!! Everyone should be playing it!!!

Passing Time

I love this game and so does my daughter she’ll try to play for hours if I let her.!

Love it 😍

This game is my favorite word search game ever and I'm so happy because it isn't timed thanks , it also is a good brain game for people who have problems with their brains and also I just like that there's so many different types of categories to choose from

Great game!

Great word search game


This is a great word search app. I’m really enjoying it!!!


Great word search

Great game

Thought I might like it and ended up loving it! Highlights word choices very easily compared to some that you have to work at it to make your choice. Highly recommended.


Very entertaining. I solve puzzles everywhere I go.


Such a wonderful game! I love playing this game everyday. And I’ve never had any problems with this game. If you love crossword puzzles and like to keep your brain going I recommend this game for all!!!


I love crossword puzzles! This app is amazing and fun on my spare time. I love it!

Great app

I like that you can take your time. No time limits to beat, just looking for words in catagories that are interesting and familiar.

Great pastime game

Good game to pass the time. Tons of word searches available to solve. It’s especially good during long flights.

Hard to stop once you start

Nice and mellow game. Set up nice to where you can unlock other boards etc.

Love this!

I used to carry around the little books in my handbag but now I don’t have to! I’ve downloaded this Word Search each time I’ve gotten a new phone & just love them.


Great way to pass some time!


Good puzzles, nice range of topics. Excellent way to fill time, or multitask.

Great way to pass time

This is a great game to play to pass time. It also sharpens your eyesight and thinking. I have learned some things I didn’t know from how the words relate to their category and doing some further research. All in all very well done. Only issues so far is a double up on Taylor Swift and misspelling deod*O*rant as deod*E*rant.

Word Search Little Books

Nov. 29,2017. Just got this app last night (28th) & just finished 1 book, cars. So as of right now, I like it. No problems...yet.

Word Search

Great game!


A great way to sit back and relax with out falling asleep 🙂

Word Searches

These word searches are a lot of fun. It's neat to see all the topics in each book.

WS Opinion

Very entertaining


Love this game, good way to kill time and stay sharp!

Fun and educational

A good app to whittle away the time and learn some different vocabulary at the same time. Recommend it.

Love this word search!

The word search puzzle topics are awesome! Very fun to do passing the time. There is a topic for anyone and everyone Disney, cars, animals, cooking, and much more. I very much look forward to seeing what they come up with next as a topic. Oh and the best part, you aren't forced to buy anything.

Great game

Great time killer.


Great word search!

Fun nice way to relax

Enjoyable...I’ve only completed the first book, but it’s been a easy way to unwind, no time limit, not overly difficult. The kind of game I was looking for.

Perfect for travel

Love word searches that aren't timed. These are challenging but not too much, and perfect for air travel.


I think this game is awesome and if you’re bored you can play this and then not be bored


Great game with no ads.


Loving this game!


My favorite word search book out there! Thank you


Perfect game at Anytime of the day.

Fun topics

Fun and great topics!!!

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