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Word search

I have loved word search puzzles for years. This was not disappointing. Thanks for creating this.

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Very nice game The words are fun and just hard enough to find that it is challenging and fun For anyone who love word puzzles this game is for you Great job guys!!


Great game, keeps me preoccupied while I’m waiting somewhere or whenever I’m just hanging out. I like that certain “books” are locked until others are completed. I like the different books and all the “chapters” that each one has. Every once in awhile i might learn something new. Just waiting on more word searches to be made.

Love it!

This is my 2nd time to finish this word search game. It is addictive. I cannot put it done. Please add more books.

Bible word search

I love this the best! Wish you could do more. Great game. I love word search games. Kia Sedona


Love this game! If only I knew how to get keys. Definitely recommend this word search.

Great way to pass time

I no longer have to buy word search books, they are now at my fingertips.

good way to kill time

simple and easy to use you can spend hours and lose track of time with this immersive collection of puzzles

Love it

It’s always been a favorite.

Love it!!!

I enjoy playing this game, the only thing that I think should change is when you find a word within a word should be a different color to identify that word within the word. It would be nice if we can change the color of the circle or the puzzle can be different. Other than wonderful puzzle.


Love love love this game the only thing is I wish it had more puzzles and maybe add different colors to circle the words please add more books

Word search

Fun to play and stretches your searching genes.


Awesome app with incredible variety. Fun and creative. Never tire of the puzzles and smooth running performance.

Good game

I love this for my spare time...I’m always on it and it has a whole multitude of puzzles for you to solve!!!


I have this on my tablet & phone, great to play while waiting at a Dr Office, or when you’re just killing time...I’ve completed all the books.... no more, I’m sad 😠


Me and my 5 yr old grandson luv to do these together!!!

Well done!!!!

Awesome game!!!!! Hrs of fun. If word search is your thing I recommend this app. Well done to all those involved in making this game happen.

Oh what fun it is

Word games that are this much fun and challenging are a blast. And this lLittle Books game is just that.

LOVE this app

I have gone thru the puzzles so many times. Enjoy it every time.


Love this app!! My daughter and I play it all the time!! Wish more little books would come out!!


Very entertaining!

Really enjoy it

I just finished animals and I’m hooked. I like how simple it is to navigate in the app and the no clutter look. Playing is simple and fun.

Great app

I enjoy doing puzzles it helps me relax


It takes up time

Great search

This is a great such game for all ages. Very addictive. Love the game.



Grammy Donutz

Fun game, easy to read. Can keep you busy. The categories just keep coming.....live to unwind and do a few puzzles.

Little Book Word Search

The best word search game I have ever encountered. Full of variety. No one has even tried to remake or duplicate your game in its exact format. Keep the levels coming 😀❤️👍🏼❤️

Word Search little books

I love this app. I am addicted to it. I have completed all of the puzzles. How do I get more to play?


I really like it

Great job

It's a fun game to get yourself involved in. It's fun to share with children and grandchildren. It can be a vocabulary lesson without anyone knowing it. Thanks for all the new words

Amazing game

Very fun word search app. My mom and I play it all the time. I agree with the highlighting as it is hard sometimes to see which words overlap. Other than that, no real issues.

Love It !!!

After a long day of work or just to relax this is by far the best thing for me to do. No more pens and paper I can easily kickback and unwind on my phone! Really hope you come out with more books I’m almost done 😞!


Nice relaxing game. Easy to do. Use it to get my mind off other things.

Great word search game

Great word search game I like the hunger games book

Fun and Easy

Pretty easy so I like to play it while watching something, or before bed. I like when it’s easy though, saves me frustration and keeps it fun. Of course it’s a little harder when the books use words I’m not all that familiar with, like with the Holiday Ramadan book.

Easy &Fun

The puzzles are fun, but to easy.


I do word searches to help me be in the moment. I love that there is so much variety.


Having a great time with this game. Thank you for all the work you out into it.

Word search

Love these puzzles ..wish there were more of them..Thank You


❤️ it!

Word Search number 1

Awesome app! Need more like this! Truly amazing!

A lot of fun

This game is very fun. In every book there are different subjects on the one you opened. Giving you a lot of times to play. The only thing I wish is that once you complete a book you could open the locked book you would like to have opened

Great App, lots of fun!

This is such a fun app to play, great topics, very versatile. I can spend hours playing this! Everyone should try it!

Search A Word

Great Game!!!


Fun and easy to play

Great Game

Wonderful word search.


This game is so much fun!!! You go at your own pace, and open different books!!! Almost like a game within a game!!! Everyone should be playing it!!!

Passing Time

I love this game and so does my daughter she’ll try to play for hours if I let her.!

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